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Switching to Pabau 2 - All You Need to Know

Congratulations on switching to Pabau 2. Everything you need to know is just a scroll away!

This article is your go-to spot for diving into the individual features of Pabau 2. We've got the scoop on everything you need to know to make the most of your experience. Let's explore the features that make Pabau 2 your new best friend.

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Homepage and Navigating the System 

The homepage and system navigation underwent a significant transformation. The Buzzfeed has been replaced by a more streamlined approach featuring Notifications, a Booking Activity section, and a Client Activity section.

A pivotal addition is the introduction of the Dashboard, offering essential business metrics at a glance. The reorganization places the main features and the Setup section on the left, enhancing accessibility.

Additionally, some feature names have been updated, marking a shift towards a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Explore the Setup Section

Navigating the Setup section has become notably more intuitive and user-friendly.

The introduction of a search bar streamlines the process of finding specific settings within the six categories of settings - Business, Services, Clinical, Marketing & Communication, Financials, and Developer & Other.

The enhanced ease of navigation ensures a smoother experience for users looking to configure and customize their Pabau environment.


Staff and Scheduler

The Staff feature in Pabau 2 has evolved into Team, offering a more straightforward approach to creating, editing, filtering, and managing staff members.

The addition of a Bio section in user profiles allows you to personalize and enhance your online bookings by providing a dedicated space for showcasing more about your staff members.

Simplified service and system access permissions, along with the introduction of Roles, contribute to a more efficient and customizable staff management system.

Significant improvements have been made to the Schedule Manager, which is now called Scheduler. The optimized Scheduler enhances efficiency, providing users with a more streamlined and responsive scheduling experience.


While the Calendar in Pabau 2 may seem familiar - retaining its day, week, and month view - the new calendar offers enhanced functionality with a "Show canceled" option for tracking changes, a filter by appointment status for easy organization, and improved settings allowing users to customize views by displaying only staff initials, hiding clients' last names, and concealing appointment times, catering to diverse preferences and privacy considerations.


The Services feature in Pabau 2, specifically the Client Pathway and pricing section, marks a notable improvement over Pabau Classic.

Pabau 2 introduces enhanced flexibility in pricing scenarios, offering users more options to tailor their services to individual client needs.  

We've added an extra time setting that allows you to block off time after an appointment, and we've also included service notices in the online booking configuration of services.

In addition to that, we've made it easier to find your way around the services, categories, and service groups. The layout has been redesigned to be more user-friendly, simplifying the whole process.


In Pabau 2, we've implemented the online sale of packages. Selling packages online is a great way to make more money and keep customers happy. It's easy to do, and it helps you reach more people. You can also create bundles - similar to master packages in Pabau Classic - by combining different packages.

This gives customers more choices and makes your business stand out. It's a simple way to bring in new customers and keep your calendar full of appointments.


Medical Form Templates

Moving from Pabau Classic to Pabau 2 comes with a noticeable improvement in the way medical form templates are handled. The process has been simplified to make it more user-friendly and efficient.

The redesigned interface in Pabau 2 introduces several new elements that enhance the versatility of medical form creation.

For instance, there are now sliders, dropdowns, Code lookup, and fields for medical conditions and allergies, among other new elements.

Client Card

While the Client Card in Pabau 2 retains its core functionalities from Pabau Classic, it undergoes a significant redesign.

A notable addition is the customizable Summary, offering users the flexibility to display key client information based on individual preferences.

The introduction of Dictation enhances user convenience by transcribing voice notes into shareable letters.

Moreover, under EMR, Allergies, Patch Tests, and Client Problems are incorporated, and a SNOMED database is implemented for comprehensive medical history. 

In the Client Details section, we've also added Relationships and Case Details.

Online Bookings

Pabau 2 has revolutionized the Online Booking system with a complete redesign of the Pabau Connect portal.

Pabau 2 Connect introduces a sleek and professional redesign, making the platform more modern and intuitive. This updated look ensures a user-friendly experience, enhancing the overall image of your business and bringing a fresh, contemporary feel to the booking process.

The portal now allows businesses to sell gift vouchers, packages and enables customers to add money to their accounts effortlessly. This upgrade makes the portal more customizable, with a preview feature for a more interactive and user-friendly experience.

Pabau 2 Connect will soon include cross-selling and up-selling features. This allows you to recommend extra services or products to customers as they book, creating chances to improve their experience and increase revenue.

Additionally, Pabau 2 offers analytics integrations, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Meta Pixel. 

Stripe Integration and Pabau Pay Card Terminals

In Pabau 2, the Stripe integration now includes Pabau Pay card terminals. These terminals are seamlessly integrated with Pabau, eliminating the need to sync data between systems.

With Pabau Pay, payments are instantly synced with Pabau, providing real-time updates to client records.

All transactions are securely processed through Stripe, ensuring client confidence in the payment process.

For more information about our card terminals, visit our dedicated webpage.

Please note that if you previously integrated Stripe with your Pabau account in Pabau Classic, you'll need to reconnect it in Pabau 2, as we've updated the connection method with Stripe.


Pabau 2 builds on the strengths of Pabau Classic by introducing new deposit options.

The flexibility extends to the type of deposit—whether you're choosing from existing flat rates or pre-defined percentages, setting a custom amount, or even establishing service-specific deposits.

This feature gives you precise control over deposit policies, allowing you to adopt standardized rates or set specific deposits for individual services. The result is a more adaptable and nuanced approach to payment processing, enhancing the overall efficiency and customization of the deposit system in Pabau 2.


In Pabau 2, the Dictation feature represents a significant upgrade from voice notes in Pabau Classic. Powered by AI, it now transcribes voice notes into shareable letters.

This advancement not only improves the usability of voice notes but also offers a more versatile and efficient method for communication within the Pabau system.

Practitioners can now seamlessly convert spoken words into written text, promoting clearer documentation and streamlined communication. This enhancement enhances overall efficiency, benefiting both practitioners and patients.

Client Notifications

In Pabau Classic, client notifications required individual templates in the Template Archive, making setup complex, often involving code editing. Pabau 2 streamlines this process.

Templates (formerly Template Archive) in Pabau 2 store frequently used emails, SMS texts, and letters. Meanwhile, Client Notifications in Pabau 2 have their own templates, easily customizable with branding and functional changes using simple checkboxes.

For example, in the Pabau 2 email confirmation template, functionalities like confirming, rescheduling, canceling appointments, and completing forms are easily adjusted by ticking or unticking checkboxes. Branding is simplified too, with options for background color, opacity, text color, and background color. This new setup in Pabau 2 offers a more straightforward and flexible approach to managing client notifications.


Marketing Features

Pabau 2 brings a major upgrade to its marketing features compared to Pabau 1. Notable improvements include enhanced Email and SMS newsletters - now part of the Broadcasts feature -, feedback surveys, and gift vouchers. The introduction of Automations, amplifies client communications, facilitating recalls, welcome emails, and more.

The design of newsletters is now simpler, featuring modern components. Creating target audiences is more intuitive. The reviews form has been modernized, and Pabau 2 introduces the ability to connect external review sources and respond to reviews directly.

Gift voucher creation is streamlined, allowing for custom themes, a "Book Now" button on the voucher, and a dedicated Terms & Conditions field. Gift vouchers can now also be sold online.

Stock and Products

The move from Pabau Classic to Pabau 2 brings practical improvements to how we handle inventory and purchase orders.

Notably, the way products are categorized has been refined, contributing to a more organized and efficient stock management system. This streamlining ensures a clearer structure for keeping track of inventory.

Creating new products, categories, and suppliers has become more straightforward, requiring just a few clicks. The Inventory Count feature gives a snapshot of the current stock level.

Additionally, the process of generating and marking purchase orders as received is now presented in a visually clear manner, making it easy to navigate and manage within Pabau 2.


The Pabau Tasks feature has undergone a significant overhaul and is now known as Activities.

This redesign brings forth the introduction of activity types, providing users with the ability to categorize their tasks into specific types like meetings, emails, calls, or messages. This enhancement aims to bring greater clarity to the nature of each activity, enabling more precise organization and planning.

Moreover, the expansion of scheduling choices empowers users with more flexibility in setting up and organizing their activities, contributing to a customizable approach to time management within the system.

Another notable inclusion is the categorization of tasks into To-dos, completed, and overdue. This visual representation enhances task tracking, providing users with a clear overview of their pending, finished, and overdue activities.


Pabau 2 introduces a significant evolution in the way we approach reports. Instead of the conventional fixed filters, we now have an interactive Analytics feature that transforms how we visualize and analyze data.

This new system allows you to create reports and dashboards that offer real-time interactivity – think of it as adjusting filters on the fly. The dynamic nature of this feature enables you to play around with your data, adapting your analysis as needed.

But that's not all – Pabau 2 takes it a step further. Now, in addition to the interactive nature of reports, you can visually represent your data through pie charts and graphs. It's not just about numbers; it's about creating a more intuitive and visually compelling way to understand your information.


Pabau 2 brings a transformative upgrade to the Leads feature, with the introduction of Lead Pipelines tailored to treatment-specific interests.

This change means that the Leads feature is now more attuned to the varied interests and preferences of potential clients seeking specific treatments.

The implementation of a Kanban view offers users a significantly clearer and more organized perspective of their leads and the various stages they traverse within the pipeline. With this visual representation, users can efficiently track the progression of leads from one stage to the next, facilitating better management and understanding of the overall lead workflow.


The Letters feature has undergone a significant transformation, rendering the creation and customization of letters more user-friendly.

In Pabau 1, the process required creating Word documents with merge tags and using them as letter templates. Now, generating letter templates is as straightforward as creating email templates.

The integration of AI takes this feature a step further, enabling the dynamic generation of letters by extracting information from a client's profile or voice notes.

To enhance user efficiency, standard letter headers and footers have been incorporated, contributing to a more seamless letter creation process within Pabau 2. 


Pabau 2 enhances the Quotes feature with a significantly improved design, streamlined fee distribution settings, and heightened visual clarity.

Creating a quote is now more intuitive, eliminating the need for template creation in Word.

Clients can conveniently pay directly and digitally sign quotes within the system, simplifying the overall transaction process and providing an enhanced user experience.

How to Send Medical Forms

In Pabau 2, sending medical forms to clients before appointments is a straightforward process. You can do it by including forms in your email confirmation, pre-care emails, or manually from the client card. Check the article below for step-by-step instructions on these methods.

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