How to Raise an Invoice for an Appointment

This article offers guidance on creating an invoice directly from an appointment within the Calendar feature.

Step 1: Navigate to the Calendar

Start by logging into your Pabau account, and navigate to the Calendar by clicking on it in the left sidebar menu.

Step 2: Choose an Appointment 

Click on the appointment for which you want to raise an invoice, and then click on "Checkout."


Step 3: Navigate to the Point of Sale

In the Point of Sale, proceed to process the payment as usual. On the right side of the screen, you can preview everything added to the cart, and the total amount of the sale. Click on Continue to continue to the payment method step.

Choose the desired payment method, then on Collect or Charge, depending on the method, and click on Confirm Payment to complete the transaction.

If you prefer not to use your real card for testing, you can use the test cards provided by Stripe by following the instructions here.

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