How to book an appointment

This article covers how to book an appointment in the calendar in Pabau.

Appointments can only be booked within a shift. Read our article on how to create a shift if you haven't yet. 

Also, feel free to check out our Pabau Academy video on booking an appointment.

  1.  In the sidebar, go to Calendar.
  2. Click on the desired timeslot.

    This will open the Create new appointment menu.
  3. Select the client you want to book by looking them up in the search bar. 

    Note: You can also create a new client on the spot.
  4. Select the service you want to book them for.

    The start time is pre-populated based on the slot you selected, whereas the duration will be automatically populated based on the service set duration.
  5. Add an appointment note if necessary. This is optional- you can proceed without inputting anything.
  6. You can adjust which notifications you want to schedule and send with this booking.

    Reminder- an automated notification to inform the client about an upcoming appointment.
    Confirmation- sent at the time of booking, it provides the client with their booking details and any attached medical forms.
    Feedback- scheduled feedback form.
  7. Confirm by clicking the Book Appointment(s) button. Above it, you can preview the total cost and duration.

The appointment is now scheduled.