How to Create a Service

Services form the core of your practice, and understanding how to effectively set them up ensures a streamlined experience for both your team and clients.

It’s important to be aware of the service categorization within Pabau. The hierarchy begins with service groups, followed by categories, and finally, individual services.


  • Service group: Injectables
  • Category: Botox
  • Service: Botox Consultation

Step 1: Navigate to Services

Log in to your Pabau account, and in the left sidebar menu, go to Setup, then click on the "Services" button under "Services".

Step 2: Create New Service

Click on "New Service" in the top right corner and choose the type of service you want to create: in-person or virtual.

The service creation page includes five tabs: General, Assign, Pricing, Online Booking, and Client Pathway.

Step 3: Fill Service Details - General Tab

In the General tab, input the service details. There are several fields you'll need to populate:

Service name - this name will be visible to clients, so make sure it's accurate.

Service code - this is optional.

Category - the category that this service belongs to. 

Appointment color - appointments related to this service will appear in the calendar with the color of your choice.

Image - this image will appear in the Point of Sale. You can either upload from your device or choose from the library.

Under "Advanced settings," you have access to additional configurations:

Automatic Consumption: This feature enables you to associate consumable or retail products with the service. Once activated, the system will automatically reduce the corresponding product stock levels upon the sale of this service. To set this up, click on "Add Product," select the products to be deducted, and specify the quantity. Ensure to check "Consumable deduction" to facilitate stock reduction with each service sale.

In the "Other Information" section, you can include:

  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU): A unique identifier for inventory management.
  • Procedure Code: Typically utilized for integrations, diagnostic coding, or reporting purposes.
  • Invoice Item Name: A customizable name for the service, overriding the default service name on invoices.
  • Display Text on Invoice: Additional text that will be displayed on invoices when this service is provided.

If the service is exclusively redeemable with a pre-paid package, mark "Use a package session to pay for the service."

For services requiring a patch test, toggle "Set if this service requires a patch test at all." Enabling this option prompts the system to remind you about the necessary patch test during appointment booking in the calendar.

    Step 4: Assign Locations and Staff - Assign Tab

    In the Assign tab, you can select which locations this service is available in, and what staff members can perform this service. Additionally, you can choose which room this service can be performed in, or which equipment is necessary to perform the service.

    Step 5: Specify Pricing and Booking Details - Pricing Tab

    In the Pricing tab, first select if the service is:

    Book & Sell - available both to be booked in the calendar and sold in the Point of Sale

    Book - available to be booked in the calendar but not sold in the Point of Sale

    Sell - available to be sold in the Point of Sale but not booked in the calendar.

    Next, input the service price. The currency is based on the one you've selected in your business details.

    Under "Special Pricing", you can set up special prices by employee or location.

    Select the service duration. Appointments created for this service will default to this duration but can be adjusted when booking an appointment

    You can also set up the tax that would be applicable for the service. To do so, go to Setup, then click on Taxes under Financials.

    In the "Extra Time" section, activating this option allows you to allocate additional time after a service. This feature automatically reserves time in the calendar post-appointment, offering you a dedicated period to prepare for the subsequent appointment.

    Lastly, you can also choose to add a required deposit or require full payment as part of the booking process for the service. This deposit can be set to apply either to both manual and online bookings or only online bookings.

    Step 6: Set the Online Booking Settings

    In the Online Booking tab, you can enable or disable the service from being bookable online, add a description, and add a service notice for clients booking online. 

    You can also limit patient bookings for the service to exclusively existing clients, solely new clients, or both new and existing clients.

    Additionally, you can set restrictions to allow bookings only for clients who have previously received another service as specified by you.

    Step 7: Confirm and Create

    Ensure the Active toggle is enabled in the upper right corner, then click on "Create" to save your new service.

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