How to template letter headers and footers

This article covers how to add headers and footers to your letters, and some tips.

To get more familiar with letters, check out our overview of letters. You can also look at how you can create a letter or a letter template.

Additionally, feel free to have a look at our Pabau Academy video on letters.

In this article, you will learn to:

Set letter header and footer

  1. Head over to Setup > Business > Business Details.

  2. Open the last tab, Letters.

  3. Add the letter header.

  4. Add the letter footer.

  5. Click on Save Changes in the top right corner to save your header and footer.

From now on, they'll appear in all letters you create in Pabau.



When writing into the text editor, you can use two different line spaces:

  • Press Enter on your keyboard for a paragraph break
  • Press Shift + Enter for a new line

Copying over pre-written text

When copying over text written in a different application, it's best to paste it as plain text and then format it with the options in the letter text editor.

To copy the text into your device's clipboard, highlight the text and use the keyboard command:

  • Windows: ctrl + C
  • macOS: cmd + C

To paste it as plain text, click on the text editor and then use the keyboard command:

  • Windows: ctrl + alt + V
  • macOS: cmd + shift + V

Writing extensions

The text editor is compatible with writing tools, so download a free browser extension such as Grammarly to avoid any spelling or grammar mistakes in your letters. 

Key merge tags

All your letters should ideally contain the Recipient Merge tag & the Sender merge tag. This way you will not need to create multiple letter templates.