How to set up CloudRx

This article covers how to enable the CloudRx integration in your account.

CloudRx is an online pharmacy with which Pabau has a direct integration. By enabling the integration, you can send the prescriptions directly to CloudRx, simplifying the process for both yourself and your clients. 

  1. In the left sidebar, go to Setup > Developer & Other > Integrations > Labs & Pharmacies.
  2. In the Pharmacies tab, locate the CloudRx integration. 
  3. Click on Setup now.
  4. Enter the account ID of your CloudRx account. 

    And, if you wish to charge a fee for your prescriptions, in the Markup section, select the desired percentage.

The integration has been successfully enabled.

Note: To be able to use the CloudRx integration, you also need to have your Registration number listed under your user profile, right underneath the Prescription Info.