How to create email templates

This article covers how to create email templates in Pabau.

Reduce your manual work by templating your most frequently sent emails. 

Check out our Pabau Academy video on templates for a more visual guide.

  1. In the left sidebar, go to Setup > Marketing & Communication > Communications > Templates.
  2. Click on Create Template in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Email.
  4. Start by inputting the following:
    1. The name of the template, which is for internal use
    2. Group- visible only internally for better storage of your templates
    3. Subject, which will be visible when sending the email.

    On the far right of the subject field is the Add field button- click on it to add personalised tags to the subject.

  5. On the far of the name field is the privacy setting for this template- it can be public or available only to yourself. 
  6.  You can now move on to the template- write the content by typing it into the text editor.

    Since this is a template, you can use personalisation tags to make the template feel more personal to your clients. 

  7. You can upload a file through the button next to the Save Template button.

  8. Click on Save Template when you're done. 

Note: You won't be able to save a template without a name.