How to create a service group

This article covers how to create a service group in Pabau.

Service groups are another layer of categorisation available to you. 

It’s important to be aware of the categorisation within Pabau. It starts with groups. Within your groups, you have your categories. Within the categories, you have your services. 

Group Category Service
Injectibles Botox Botox Consultations

To learn more about categories, check out our how to create a service category article.

Note: While a service can belong to only a single category, a single category can belong to multiple groups.

Also, our Pabau Academy video on services briefly covers service groups- feel free to have a look.

  1. In the left sidebar, go to Setup > Services & Packages, Services.
  2. In the Services tab, you'll find your groups on the left side. 
  3. Click on the plus icon on the right side of Groups.
  4. Input the group details:
    Name- the name of the group, visible in the Point of Sale terminal and on your online booking portal.
    Service categories- the service categories you want to include in this group. You'll be able to select them from a dropdown menu.
    Image- this image will appear in the Point of Sale terminal. You can either upload from your device or choose from the library.
  5. Click on Apply to confirm.

The service group has been created.