How to create a prescription

This article covers how to create a prescription for a client in Pabau.

To use prescriptions, ensure they're turned on in your account. 

To learn how to do so, read our article on how to enable or disable prescriptions.

Additionally, you'll need to have your prescriber info added to your user.
In the left sidebar, go to Team > Staff Manager > your user > Personal Details.
Add it in the Prescription Info field.

  1. Open the client card for which you want to create a prescription.
  2. Click on the blue plus icon in the bottom right corner, and select Prescription.

  3. Select the template you want to use. If you haven't created a prescription form yet, read our article on how to create your prescription form.

  4. Start by selecting an appointment related to this prescription and the prescriber.

    Then, select a drug. 

    As you do, you can click on the filter option on the right side of the search bar to also load up the BFN and CloudRx databases.
  5. Fill out the dosage for it. There are two ways to go about this.

    The first one is to click on the cogwheel and build the instructions.

    Otherwise, clicking anywhere on the field will reveal recommended instructions on the right side, and you can click on them to insert them.
  6. Click on Save when done.

    Additionally, after selecting a drug, on the right side of the menu, you can preview information from BNF and about the drug.

  7. Ensure to populate the Prescibers Signature field.
  8. Click on Save Form.
  9. In the prompt, select if you'd like to print the prescription. It will be opened in another tab in a PDF format- proceed as you normally would. Otherwise, close it.

From now on, the prescription can be found under EMR - Prescriptions.