How to clone a medical form

This article covers how to clone medical forms in Pabau.

Sometimes, you may need to create a form that is very similar to an existing form you have. In scenarios like that, it's far more convenient to clone the existing form and then edit the copy, rather than to create a second form from scratch. 

Feel free to check out our Pabau Academy video related to medical forms.

  1. In the left sidebar, go to Setup > Clinical > Medical Form Templates.
  2. Hover over the medical form you want to clone.
  3. This will reveal the three-dot button on the far right of the form. Click on it.'
  4. Select Clone.
  5. The cloned form will be opened for you to make changes. The process is much the same as when creating a medical form
  6. When done, click on Save Form in the top right corner to finalise. 

Note: Don't forget to rename the form! All cloned forms are named "Copy Of + the name of the form you cloned".