How to Create Email Templates

This article guides you through the process of creating a customized email template in Pabau.

Step 1: Access Templates

Log in to your Pabau account, and in the left sidebar menu, navigate to Setup, go to Marketing & Communication, then select Communications, and finally, choose Templates.

Click on "Create Template" in the upper right corner, then select "Email."

Step 2: Input Template Details

Enter the internal name for the template.

Specify the group of the template, which will be visible internally for better organization. If you do not have any groups created, make sure to first create a group by clicking on "New Group" in the top right corner.

Provide a subject for the email visible to recipients.

On the far right of the subject field, use the "Add field" button to incorporate personalized tags into the subject.

On the far right of the name field, set the privacy setting for the template - either public or restricted to yourself.

Step 3: Design the Template

Proceed to the template section and compose the content using the text editor.

Leverage personalization tags to add a personalized touch to the template.

Use the file upload button in the toolbar to include attachments if needed.

Step 4: Save the Template

Click on "Save Template" when you've completed the template.

NOTE: Ensure that you provide a name for the template, as saving is not possible without it.


NOTE: We suggest reading our Communication Templates article for a more in-depth exploration of this topic.

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