How to create a staff member

This article covers how to create a new staff member.

Do you have a new member of staff starting at your clinic? You’ll need to add them to Pabau as a new user.

We also have a detailed Pabau Academy video on creating a user.

  1. In the left sidebar, go to Team > Staff Manager.
  2. Click on New Staff Member in the upper right corner.
  3. You'll first need to select the default location for this user.

    If they work in multiple locations, click on This team member works at other locations to reveal a list of all of your locations- select all locations they'll be working in.
  4. Fill out the basic user details.
  5. Click on Set permissions to proceed.
  6. Permissions define what this user will be able to do in your account. You can either select No Role, and set the permissions on the spot, or select one of your existing roles. To learn more about roles, read our how to create a role article. We also have a Pabau Academy video covering roles.
  7. Click on Create staff to confirm.

The user is now created.